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This is a monthly subscription for an 8pm Sunday night telephone counseling call. The call is to help you manage your week-to-week accomplishments as we build out your business venture. Once you purchase this subscription, you will be put on the call list and provided the conference call number and password.

We have 30+ years of experience in business management, finance, and performance improvement. Our strengths lie in strategic planning by way of enterprise creation, development, appreciative inquiry, SWOT / SOAR analysis, branding, social presence, content development, capital raise, action research, and strategic implementation.

By the way, we’ve helped small businesses raise an aggregate in excess of $130,000,000.00.

Weekly Discussion Topics

Corporation Creation Employee Benefits Business Credit
Personal & Business Loans Credit Repair Life Insurance
Real Estate Financing Website Development Retirement Planning

You Will Become Competent in the Following

Performance analysis skills (front-end analysis)

  • Identify the best sources of data to identify existing gaps or expected gaps due to anticipated changes in the work processes or environment
  • Work with jobholders, their managers, exemplary (star) performers, and possibly
    customers to complete job and task analyses

Needs analysis survey design and development skills (open-ended and structured)

  • Develop surveys to gather information on what is currently happening in the organization
  • Work with management to help identify pertinent demographic information that should be gathered to report data in a meaningful way

Competency identification skills

  • Utilize job and task analysis data to identify core and role-specific competencies for jobs and job families
  • Create job descriptions for use in selection and hiring, job evaluation, and employee development
  • Create 360-degree assessment tools

Questioning skills

  • Interview key stakeholders who can provide essential input to
    determine the root cause(s) of a performance gap
  • Prepare hiring and selection interview protocols
  • Lead stakeholders through a process of discovery

Analytical skills (synthesis)

  • Utilize the data gathered from a survey or other data collection method and decipher the pertinent information that provides insight into the root cause(s) of a performance problem
  • Interpret qualitative data and identify themes that provide insight into the cause(s) of performance gaps

Work environment analytical skills

  • Study the physical layout of the work area and identify features that are impacting, enhancing, or impeding performance
  • Investigate the channels of communication to determine if any barriers to information exist
  • Determine an opportune way to achieve business results given the barriers and
    constraints in a given situation


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