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We are #business #management and #finance sector #professionals also known as Performance Improvement Specialists. Strengths lie in strategic planning for under-served and disenfranchised individuals and organizations by way of #enterprise creation, development, appreciative inquiry, #SWOT / SOAR #analysis, #branding, social presence, #content development, #capital raise and #education, action research, and #strategic implementation, 30+ years of experience, and have helped small businesses raise an aggregate in excess of $130,000,000.00.

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If you have a 620 credit score AND a military person in your family OR if you have a 680 credit score and want to apply for a loan, complete the form below. We will call you for a free consultation.

We keep our consultations free by not paying and transferring the cost of pulling your credit to you. You provide us the login credentials to your free credit report portal. We will log in and download your report so we can analyze it. Once analyzed, we will notify you as to how much of a loan we can offer you. Don’t worry, there is no harm we can do to you or your credit by pulling your reports from your portal.

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