We are #business #management #healthcare and #finance sector #professionals serving individuals and entrepreneurs as their personal and professional Performance Improvement Specialists. Strengths lie in strategic planning for under-served and disenfranchised individuals and organizations by way of #enterprise creation, development, appreciative inquiry, #SWOT / SOAR #analysis, #branding, social presence, #content development, #capital raise, #education, action research, and #strategic implementation. We have 30+ years of experience and have helped small businesses offer affordable senior healthcare and raise over $141,000,000.00.

eBooks and Personalized Coaching

Available for immediate download, these eBooks contain information most solopreneurs need but may not have the financial stature to source and obtain on their own. They may be purchased individually or as a bundle. Choose which is best for you. One-on-one business coaching can be purchased in full immediately below OR on a payment plan further down the middle of this page.

Can’t Afford or Don’t Have Medical Insurance?

Free Business Strategy Consultation

One 15-minute-long conversation $0.00

We do not believe in charging people to determine if they have a viable business idea. We use the initial think-through discussion to determine how we can best serve you. Once that is determined, then you are presented with client onboarding.


Telephonic Coaching

Monthly payment of $39.00

Business Coaching Payment Plan

Four payments of $349.75

One-month launch = $1,399.00. This is a $701 savings from our standard $2,199.00 price tag. Please note that even at the standard price, this startup package is exceptionally reasonable. Depending on which company or consultant you hire, it could cost you upward and even more than $7,500.00. Our pricing is reasonable because we are genuinely interested in serving the individual interested in starting their micro-business (solopreneur) to be funded and further coached into a small business with employees.

Once we have entered into a client-consultant relationship, you will be directed to pay for your chosen service. Once payment has been confirmed, our work begins. We will be in regular communication. To ensure all aspects of your package are delivered to you within 20 days, your prompt attention and response to emails, phone calls, and texts will be expected. It will be a rigorous yet worthwhile experience you will be happy to have embarked upon. Remember, you’ve got this, and the world has been waiting on your business idea to go to market. So, let’s get it!

The ENTITY CREATION includes INC incorporation with Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. An LLC incorporation includes the Articles of Organization and an Operating Agreement. Entity creation also includes the following organizational management documents: Operations Manual, Resolution to Open a Bank Account, Organizational Meeting,  Resignation of Organizer, Things to keep in mind, and Transfer of Membership Interest Testament. You will also receive your EIN.

The VERIFIABLE PHONE NUMBER has an affordable monthly fee that will be billed to you. The number can be successfully used to facilitate your DUNS registration.

For your Net-30 and Net-60 account applications, the DUNS NUMBER REGISTRATION will result in a credible D&B credit file and a Paydex Score for your forthcoming business credit development.

LOGO DESIGN is an outsourced service that we pay for.

You will receive 1500+ BUSINESS TEMPLATES by which to run your business and a DOCUMENT REPOSITORY to save them in. 

DOMAIN REGISTRATION is included in the startup package and comes complete with a LANDING PAGE and WORDPRESS WEBSITE. The  LANDING PAGE boasts artificial intelligence marketing and unlimited drip email campaign capability. The WORDPRESS WEBSITE boasts high-quality images, integration with STRIPE payment processing, WOOCOMMERCE store/shopping cart, MAILCHIMP email service, and CALENDLY calendar scheduling applications.

We create one profile banner for your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping Steven Mobile Notary with a business plan, an executive summary, and a pitch deck. This enables us to fundices business. I would use this service again

  2. You are very welcome. I like how your business is flourishing now. Stay on track and watch how much more you will grow.

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